Mike is a musician who has experience in live performances, writing, singing, producing and recording music. Completing a Tafe course: “Business Skills in the Music Industry” in 2002 & more recently a “Sound Engineering Course” & a "Logic 101 course".
Previously a scaffolder/Rigger Mike also has an understanding of stage building & the ability to visualise a project and recognise the necessary steps to completion. Mike moved to Aus in Feb 99 from his home in NZ to work on the Olympic games site, bringing with him a desire to play music and be part of the industry. With his strong soulful voice and passion for the acoustic guitar & with experience with drums & percussion Mike has an understanding of all aspects of music. Dedication and a desire to succeed have paved the way for Mike to carve out a career in the music industry.
Since then he has applied that desire to building his own studio. To that end Redfeat Sound & Vision Studios was born. Here Mike can develop his own music as well as offer his knowledge & experience to other budding artists wishing to bring their music to reality. Together with Wendy they have started building a business to help people from all walks of life with a desire to be creative musically.

Wendy has spent 27 years as a high school teacher and educational administrator in a multicultural school in Sydney’s southwest. She has been involved in supervision of teachers, students and courses, curriculum development, recognising student needs and developing students’ skills and talents. Wendy has formal music training and an ability to plan training steps to prepare students for examinations and future interviews. Wendy is also a fluent speaker of Japanese with language abilities in French and an awareness of other languages. Wendy is also an accredited Final Cut Pro editor & has a state of the art Sony Z1P HDV.

This partnership provides a strong foundation in the areas of knowledge, planning and structure. Under the registered business name of
Redeeming Features Entertainment (RFE), Mike and Wendy have put in place the necessary building blocks to develop an artist support & event management company.

Through a variety of experiences and involvement with performances and festivals, it has become evident that there are a large number of talented artists who deserve recognition and whose music would be enjoyed by many.
At present Redeeming Features Entertainment has a working website, sound equipment, including an advanced home recording studio & DVD Editing suite. Instruments at your disposal include guitars, percussion, keyboard, piano and amplification equipment.
We look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in putting together a demo package or if you just want to hear your songs recorded and preserved for posterity. Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Come back soon to check out our new website.

Mike & Wendy

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